The Books of Childhood

Somewhere along the way in my adult life I fell in love with children's literature. Maybe it was because I didn't read much as a child, and when I did begin to read as an adult, I discovered how much I had missed. Maybe it was because it filled some sort of void within me that craved fiction and magic, the impossible and the improbable. Whatever it was that led me to the dizzying leap of trying it out, has also led me to a life long love. Whenever I am feeling blue, whenever I need something to make me laugh or smile, or simply help believe in the unbelievable, I find myself back at the children's corner of things, trying to remember the optimism that once, saw me through just about everything. I mention all of this because it's inevitable that at some point in the course of our time together, Dear Reader, that you will be subjected to my enthusiastic musings over such children's books as are near and dear to my heart.

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