Of Sunshine and Grapefruits

The weather here has changed suddenly, reverting as Spring so often does, back to the chill of winter. Only now, I find that the weeks we have had of nice, pleasant weather have caused me to spring inside and now I sulk at going back to my hot tea and warm blankets, to my long pajama pants and my sweaters. Today, I would much rather lie in lounge pants and nap with the dog, watch movies all night, and pout. But I also know that if I don't keep moving forward with all of the plans that I put into motion when the weather was fair, then I will regret it later. So, today I am trying to make my own artificial sunshine and not let myself get bogged down. I am trying to keep myself busy moving and not expecting anything more than the action itself, no spectacular results or flashes of brilliance, just one step in front of the next. I am trying to keep planning and to not let myself grow rooted to the spot. I am eating lovely sunny grapefruits and dreaming of the return of bright mornings when I will stretch and jump out of bed at the thrill of the songs coming in through the window.

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