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On Friday, I came home from work exhausted and in desperate need of refreshment, not just food, drink, or rest, but in need of "soul food." Soul food is my term for the things that keep me moving in life, that inspire me and refill the "spring of my soul," so to speak. Sometimes soul food is an image, sometimes it's in the form of a book, a single poem, or even a film. At other times, soul food is that cup of tea had at just the right moment, or that homemade bread you decided to make even though you'd rather lay like a puddle of goo on the floor. The point is, soul food is anything that lifts me up, that makes me feel inspired or whole, anything that makes me stop and breathe, anything that gives me the strength to keep marching on.

One of my favorite places to find soul food is Lolalina by Laura Gaskill. This blog features all sorts of lovely interiors and inspiring things, and it's one of about three or four blogs that I always hit when I am trying to fill back up that well of soul I wrote about earlier. On the Friday mentioned above, I popped over to Ms. Gaskill's blog for my much needed dose of loveliness and discovered that she was beginning a new "Friday Ritual," as she terms it, in the tradition of SouleMama. The feature, termed {this moment}, is designed to be a single photo, without words, posted every Friday to celebrate a wonderful moment in her life, a moment to "savor and remember"- and it's a splendid idea.

What I love so much about the idea of {this moment} is that it's a form of soul food, and there is this inherent tendency in it to focus on the positive, to pluck one moment from the mass of the week and go "ah.... that was lovely." Too often, it's easy to rush through our lives and forget these moments, to give and give until suddenly, we come up empty and soulless. Like many of you, I work forty hours a week, come home, cook, clean, care for my family (even if it is only one husband + dog), and do it all again day after day, week after week. It's easy to get caught up in that cycle of  "work, eat, sleep, begin again" and forget all about blogging, and eating real food, let alone about actually tasting my hot tea, and doing the things I love. So, needless to say, I think it's important for each of us to find ways of filling ourselves back up and nourishing that part of us that loves and strives, that hopes and dreams.

So, we come at last to my new feature, {soul food}. Every Sunday, I will post one thing that refills me and gives me the courage to face the coming week, restored and, hopefully, peacefully. There are no rules with {soul food}, some weeks it may be a photo alone, sometimes it may be photos and text; some weeks the feature may include one of my own photos, sometimes, it may be on a film I loved, or great food- anything goes. The point is, that every week, it will be something that causes me to pause, to breathe, to smile, and to feel soulful.

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Laura said...

(I think my first comment disappeared into cyberspace, if not just ignore this!)

Oh my goodness, I am so flattered and happy to hear that you were inspired by my post to create your own feature, how wonderful!! You know, it's funny - I had also been debating starting this feature for a long time, and once I did it it felt so good and right. I think it is such a lovely way to express gratitude and capture an every day moment from the week that can so easily be left unnoticed. Happy Sunday! xo Laura