I have been in a bookish mood lately, that state of mind that finds me reading every spare chance I get and gazing at my shelves with deep longing and intense love. I blame it, in part, on having just finished Anne Fadiman's wonderful collection of essays, Ex Libris which, could quite accurately be described as a series of intense love letters to books that any bibliophile must read if she hasn't already. But more on Anne Fadiman another day, because really, she deserves to have a post all to herself- just like her books deserve to be savored with a nice cup of tea or a good glass of wine.

The point at the moment is, that I have been bookish. I have been indescribably bookish, and if you are not a reader you probably don't know what I mean by all of this fuss. If, perchance, you are a reader then you know exactly what I am talking about: that state of strange meditation which finds you flitting from one book to the next at whim, entirely lost in each, and wondering why, if they can invent robots for home use, they cannot invent a book to read in the shower (which would be nonsense, really, but it makes my point). I have been quietly obsessed and yes, perhaps even wildly addicted. But one cannot help such things. Especially when it comes to books.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, about possible careers and paths through life, about friendships and family, about the things- regardless of shape or form- that are in my life and I've been trying to decide what fits and what doesn't. It's a means of taking stock, I suppose. But also, it's part of a larger, overarching search for balance, and  for me, books have always been key to such inquiries. It's as if I can somehow enter them and try different scenarios on, different personalities, different lives, really. But then, the very act of reading is meditative for me, as well, as essential as sleeping or eating and quite as effective as both, in my opinion. It makes me quiet, being this way, and thoughtful- but it makes me whole. Books have a funny way of doing that- if you let them.

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