{soul food}

I think my husband has been sensing my impending sense of insanity lately and so whenever we have that rare thing known as time off together, he's been talking me into packing up the backpack and heading out for short hikes. I resist in the beginning, as I always do, but then he convinces me- as he always does; and I end up enjoying it- like I always do. I love being outside and away from the stresses of dinner and cleaning, of work and the sense of things that need to be done. I think what I love most of all though are all of the little miracles that surround me when I am out of doors, the flowers so wild and beautiful, the strange mathematical spirals of nature, the great and the small. It helps me to put things into perspective, to pick myself up, dust of my pants, and begin again.

{Soul food} is my term for the things that keep me moving in life, that inspire me and refill the "spring of my soul," so to speak. Sometimes soul food is an image, sometimes it's in the form of a book, a single poem, or even a film. At other times, soul food is that cup of tea had at just the right moment, or that homemade bread you decided to make even though you'd rather lay like a puddle of goo on the floor. The point is, soul food is anything that lifts you up, that makes you feel inspired or whole, anything that makes you stop and breathe, anything that gives you the strength to keep marching on.

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