{soul food}

To mornings spent sleeping in, lazy days, plans of walks with puppy dogs and husbands and of, course, fathers.

The funny thing about living far away from your family is that when holidays, like this one, creep around you can't help but feel full of longing and half-empty in a way- because you miss them and because you realize that without them nearby, there is always something missing in your life, for what they bring to it and who they make you. Because like it or not, your family always shapes you and they're always a part of you, no matter how many miles or years creep up between you. Today, I'm longing for the two other men who figure largely into my life- my own dad and my awesome brother who is celebrating his first father's day today-- eeeek! The one has been a rock for me through my life, the other has been the sort of brother girls dream of having; one has been an awesome father, the other inevitably will be, too. So, much love today to Father's everywhere, to the men who hold us up and make us better people than we might have been without them.

{Soul food} is my term for the things that keep me moving in life, that inspire me and refill the "spring of my soul," so to speak. Sometimes soul food is an image, sometimes it's in the form of a book, a single poem, or even a film. At other times, soul food is that cup of tea had at just the right moment, or that homemade bread you decided to make even though you'd rather lay like a puddle of goo on the floor. The point is, soul food is anything that lifts you up, that makes you feel inspired or whole, anything that makes you stop and breathe, anything that gives you the strength to keep marching on.

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