Doggie Treats

My dog is one of the great loves of my life- it may be sad, but it is most certainly true. My husband and I adore her and she's such a good dog that she's easy to adore. To show our appreciation for her, we like to give her treats- long walks in the park, short hikes through the woods, and of the course, the tasty variety! The one thing about our puppy though, is that she has a very sensitive little tummy and a lot of the commercial puppy treats, even those that claim to be all natural and organic, don't agree with her. So, after one particularly bad bout of doggie issues, I asked the Vet what he recommended in the way of treats and his answer was that the best treats weren't in a box, but were fresh fruits and vegetables in moderate amounts (staying away, of course from grapes and onions- not sure why you would feed your dog onions, but evidently there are those who do try). So, we took his advice and have been giving her little treats of fresh fruits and veg for a while now- problem free (of course, if you have a dog- or any other kind of pet for that matter- you should talk about treats with your vet because what works for my puppy may not work for yours, and we all want happy and healthy pets!). I admit though, sometimes the fruits and vegetables don't feel very dog treat like and so, the other day, I bought a little dog bone shaped cookie cutter and cut out treats for her from a watermelon. All in all, I think she seemed to appreciate my efforts, too!

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