The last few weeks have been long, arduous, and full of a great many significant life changes. They have found me alternately dancing with joy and bursting into tears- as only such weeks can. But for now, at least, they are behind me and as things start to settle a bit, I find myself pulled back here, to this place where my mind has wandered so often as of late. My mind is dancing with projects to try out with you, with paths to travel, and adventures to take. For it's a strange thing that when one thing shifts in our lives, so do many others, and we find ourselves inexplicably propelled forward by the momentum of things that are beyond our control- they motivate us, and inspire us, and we find ourselves giddy and confused all at once, resisting the change and also rushing head long into it. It's a strange business, growth- as my little friend (July to do #3), will attest!

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