July To Do List

I think one of the things that drew me to blogging initially was that I saw in it the capacity to help me live the creative life I dreamed of living. After all, blogging in itself is an act of creating, of mingling photos, words, and projects in such a way as to create a multi-media journal of the things that we love and that shape up our individual lives. We blog about our passions, about our goals, hopes, and dreams. If we're honest, we blog about our failures and our lessons, about our experiments and our challenges. It's a strange medium, blogging, but one of the things that I have always found most charming about it is this inherit vitality and optimism in it, the way that people who have never met in their lives can come together and focus not just on the beautiful, but on the positive. I've read posts where some bloggers have asked if we're too positive in the blogging world, praising blindly when we should be offering constructive criticism- and really, my opinion is no. I think that there is enough "constructive criticism" in the world at large, and that more often than not, what we need is to be supportive of the work of others, especially of the early work, so that they can have the chance to grow into great creatives- just as most plants cannot survive in the barren and arid regions of the world, the creative cannot survive where he or she is not supported. So, as long as I have the choice, I will always choose to praise and pat on the shoulder rather than to vent my own frustrations against another creative.

So it is that I've decided to blog more about my own creative endeavors and about the vivid and creative life that I am struggling to live, about all of those little projects and goals that I've been stockpiling in journals and in notebooks, in day dreams and night dreams. Because I've been passively reading blogs for years and have been profoundly inspired by my favorites, and yet never given anything back for all of this inspiration and vitality, for all of the ideas and all of the hopes, that they- and their respective creative authors- have given me.

To help encourage me to keep moving and creating, as well as to give back, I've decided to create monthly to do lists of between three and five things that I would like to do- things that I have been longing to do and needing to do, things I've been dreaming of. As I tick these items off my list, I will be posting on them so that you can follow my progress, laugh (kindly please!) at my failures, rejoice with me in my successes, and so that perhaps, if I am very lucky- some other quiet little introvert out there who is longing for some more creative existence, will find some spark that makes her (or him) say, "I can do that!" and so they try- because I think they can do it. Because I think we all have something to offer and that we're all entitled to live the life we dream of. It's just a matter of having very good soil and a safe place in which to grow.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to see the results of your creative endeavors! Especially the focaccia bread :)