{soul food} : Completed To Dos

I think the thing that made me most excited this month and rather carried it for me was completing (more or less) my July to do list. To be honest, there was a point when I didn't know whether or not I was even going to make half of them let alone the majority of them, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with myself for buckling down and getting them done. It was exciting for me doing these things and ticking them off my list, just as it was exciting to share the results of them here and there with you.

Purchasing my houseplant was the easiest item on the list, and my inner Californian couldn't resist this little cluster of succulents. I learned to make paper origami cranes using this video and became so fond of the process that I made this teeny tiny one out of a 1" x 1" square of paper. My focaccia bread adventure is featured just below this entry. And last but not least, there is the matter of the moon. Of course, I'm sure there is someone out there going, "ah, but wait! You didn't photograph the moon!" Which is true, I didn't. The constantly hot and humid weather here made the sky rather rubbish at night and nearly always cloudy. The nights I ventured out for my photo found me heading back in due to clouds and a general inability to see the moon at all. But, I didn't come away empty handed, for I did photograph this street lamp while out one night moon hunting. Hopefully the weather will relent a little bit in August and I will be able to get my moon photo then because that one has been on my list quite a while.

I hope to have August's "to do" list up shortly and until then, Happy Sunday! I hope it's a nice, relaxing sort of day for you!

{Soul food} is my term for the things that keep me moving in life, that inspire me and refill the "spring of my soul," so to speak. Sometimes soul food is an image, sometimes it's in the form of a book, a single poem, or even a film. At other times, soul food is that cup of tea had at just the right moment, or that homemade bread you decided to make even though you'd rather lay like a puddle of goo on the floor. The point is, soul food is anything that lifts you up, that makes you feel inspired or whole, anything that makes you stop and breathe, anything that gives you the strength to keep marching on.

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