Completed September To Dos

 I always have these grand intentions of savoring the month of September and filling it with infinite projects- of course, a lot of this probably comes from the fact that I am a September baby and so when it comes time for that number to click up one more notch I find myself wanting to both enjoy it all and take stock of where exactly I stand- a very Virgo thing, really. This month, however, found me lost in a book more than anything else and emerging from it only to complete these to dos- although, ironically, not the one involving books. But, we'll get to all that.

I did finally finish the super-secret birthday gift I was working on, and although it is going to be a late birthday gift, I imagine that my mom will still be pretty excited. We actually share the same birthday and while I began these back in August- way in advance, mind you- I didn't manage to finish them until, well, about an hour ago! But, now they are done and I love the way that yarn captures some of my favorite colors of the dawning autumn, my mom's favorite season and her favorite color line. For the knitters out there, the pattern can be found HERE.

The illustration is actually going along with the mitts to my mom, champion of my random doodles. It's just a small drawing, I know, but I really felt that I was dropping the ball on at least trying to draw things and so it seemed like a great idea to tackle a to do that would require me to dig out the pencil and paints and set to work. The thing is, when I actually sit down and fashion my little creations, I actually really enjoy the process of it- for some reason I just don't do it all that often- which is why it was such a good to do.

This is probably the point where you're sitting there going, "so, what's up with the bell peppers, huh?" and if we were in school I'd probably be shuffling my feet uncomfortably and staring at some bit of unraveling carpet. But, fortunately we're not and I can tell you that the bell peppers are there because well, they matched the colorway of the other images and took up the spot where my fairy tales should go. The truth is, I was really attached to this to do- and still am, which is why you'll be seeing it again next month- but somehow I just missed the boat on this one early on and never caught it up (I blame Percy Jackson). Actually, I did think about catching it up, but it somehow seemed to defeat the purpose of the whole idea to sit down and read a week and a half's worth of fairy tales all at one time and then prattle on about them here. Of course, the more time elapsed, the more strongly I began to feel about the whole thing and so, voila! Bell peppers! But have no fear, dear reader, because they'll be back next month and if I don't do them, well, that will just be really embarrassing, won't it?

Which brings us, finally to the matter of the poached egg which really ended up being the easiest of the to dos and which I blogged about not too long ago. If you missed it you can catch up on it HERE. If you just want the summary version, well then, let's just say that poaching eggs isn't nearly as hard as it's cracked up to be.

Now that the weather here is finally cooling off a bit, it's time to add a couple of proper fall to dos to next month's list which, should be up here in a couple of days. Until then, I hope you have plenty of tea and a good book to pass these mercifully cooler nights with.


Anonymous said...

I'm a September baby, too, and it's my absolute favorite month for a lot of reasons. Looking forward to your October to-dos!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday! You know it's funny because I never realized how many of my favorite blogs were written by fellow September babies until this month when I started seeing little birthdays pop up all over them! It's a great month, I think, and I love having been born in it- September and December and the two loves of my life when it comes to months- they're just full of so many things that I love, each for their own reasons. October to dos will be up soon! Better run off and read my fairy tale!