In Betweens

Goodness it feels like fall today! For weeks now I've been able to feel it creeping up, especially in the mornings just before the sun comes up, but today is a fall-like day full blown, and I find that it makes me both happy and sad, energized and tired. I love all of the seasons in their turns, but fall is this sort gentle cascade into winter- and even though if I had to pick a favorite season, it would be winter-  I'm always sad to see the lightning bugs falling out of my nights, the cicadas growing quiet, my greens turning to browns. Fall is the dying season as far as seasons go, as all of the poets like to remind us, when everything turns from life to stillness, the transition between the two- it this odd, sad sort of business and it makes me feel sort of suspended and uncertain when I first find myself in it. Thus, I can never quite make out what I think of fall- conflicted, as I am, with my love of pumpkins and apples, of red leaves against grey skies, of the chill creeping into the breeze, and the rustling of the earth- so many loves contrasted against my love of light, of those fiery little bugs, of that hum that pulses around one in summer here, of the sultriness of the air, of the rage of the afternoon storm- and I find myself pausing, transitioning, clinging to that which I love about this season, trusting that what I loved about the last will meet me again next year.

For now, though, it is time for new plans and different fruits, and I find myself eagerly looking forward to getting out of the house this next to week to go hiking, take some photos, browse the local used bookstore, cook warm foods, and have a couple of lazy lounging mornings with the husband- which of course, will involve things like pancakes and coffee, which I love. We're also going to browse for plants for our winter garden because we have finally decided to start a garden here, where we are now instead of postponing a garden yet again until we have more space, time, money- we're learning to make do with the materials we already have in our lives instead of waiting until we have what we would like- well, I am at least- my husband has always been better with that than I am. So those are my plans as we find ourselves strolling into this new season, full of in betweens, inside and out.

I'm still finalizing the October To Dos, but I plan to have them up this next week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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