Season of Mists

It's been shaping up to be a lovely autumn here with a pleasant interspersing of cool, wet, and warm days which all rather lend themselves to curling up with books, sipping copious quantities of tea, eating stews of all sorts, and tromping through leaves- a personal favorite this time of year.

My husband is an avid hiker any time of year, but being married to me, he has learned that I prefer to go in the spring when it is not too hot, or in the fall before it gets too cold- which naturally means that we've been finding our way out of doors lately, into the crisp, drizzly woods, that are neither too hot, nor too cold. 

And so we found ourselves one day surrounded with mist and color popping grey, braving the possibility of soggy clothes in order to get out and enjoy the sound of leaves crunching under foot and splashes of red and gold all about- a sight that never fails to get me excited and nostalgic--and that was too beautiful that day to not share!

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Anonymous said...

so beautiful! I love fall more than any other season, and it's starting to feel so perfectly fall-timey. I'm excited to see other people loving it, too.