November To Dos

This month's to dos are a little bit different from their predecessors in that they are, on the whole, much more intangible- and therefore more challenging to document. Yet I chose these particular to dos to serve a broader purpose rather than to accomplish a set of specific tasks: I'm hoping that in the process of undertaking them I will rekindle some of my waning motivation for the things that I am passionate about, the things that loom large in my life and stretch beyond isolated projects to be ticked off. Therefore, this month's to dos are more about processes than anything else, about the struggle to grow, and the determination to keep doing the things one loves even when they seem so fiercely impossible. Underneath all of these reasons, of course, lies another, more simple one: the need for balance, to strip away all unnecessary distractions and get back to basics, so to speak. So while this month's to dos may seem a little less dynamic to you than those of previous months, I'm hoping that the results of them will prove far more lasting and infinitely more interesting. For now, though, I hope you have a great weekend and see you next week!


Jade said...

Best wishes on your journey :) :) A very lovely blog you have here.

Mary said...

Thank you, Jade! I need all the good wishes I can get! :)