Completed December To Dos

I'm not going to lie-- part of me wanted to crawl back under the covers instead of getting up and back at it all this morning; alas, however, the first week of January is nearly done and so it seems that it is time to stretch and share the "December to do" wrap-up with you that I might launch into the January to dos before the month is out. Without further sleepy ado, then:

I have been a huge fan of Molly Wizenberg's blog, Orangette, for a while now and when I finally read her book, A Homemade Life, a few months ago, it was pretty much love at first sight. In fact, A Homemade Life was one of the best books I read in 2011 and I loved it so much that I've been working on a fun little review for you- which is why I'm going to quite blabbing about it and tell you instead about Wizenburg's mouthwatering Scottish Scones. There wasn't a recipe in Wizenburg's book that I didn't find myself wanting to make immediately but these little buggers won over as my first venture and they are, simply, heaven. The moistest, most delicious scones I've ever had with a fluffy little inside that just melts in your mouth and makes you think of all that is sacred in life- seriously, they're that good. I've made three batches with two variations of tasty goodies: option one was 1/2C miniature chocolate chips and 1/4C minced crystallized ginger; option two was the 1 1/2 tsp orange zest and 1/2C dried cranberries (option one is my favorite of the two). So, visit the link above for the recipe, select your tasty treat to add, and give them a go- I think you'll like them.

My other delicious baked goody of the month was the wonderful Gingerbread Cupcake with Orange Icing by Ina Garten. I wanted to make something different from usual for the holidays and being a gingerbread fanatic, these seemed just the thing. Dense and flavorful like nearly all good gingerbreads, these cupcakes are nicely complemented with the orange cream cheese frosting- I topped mine off with minced crystallized ginger. I also omitted the golden raisins cooked in rum because I didn't have either on hand, but I could see where having them would pretty awesome- if you like traditional gingerbreads give these a go, with or without raisins, and let me know what you think.

For the holidays I shared one of my favorite quotes from A Christmas Carol with you as it's one of my favorite books and I try to read it every December.

Lastly, I tried to maintain my November to dos by trying to post on here more regularly and take more photos. As I've mentioned before, I struggle with actually posting content as opposed to endlessly drafting it, and so it was good motivation to try and continue those habits for a second month. I took more photos, tried to quit putting things off, and am finally beginning to share at least some of the things that I've had stockpiled for you- so, while it may not be where I want it all yet, at least it's progress, right?

So here we are, one year wrapped up and a new one underway! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and I'll have January to dos up shortly!

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Anonymous said...

mm, I've been wanting to make scones the last few days! I might have to try this recipe. thanks!